Daphne Earles

I graduated from the Otago University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Pharmacy. Once graduating I decided to study Clinical Nutrition to understand the principles of nutrition and how the complex nature of food and supplements impact health.

By simply asking why we eat food and what is its purpose and understanding how this affects our health and wellbeing we can understand why our population is so unhealthy and why chronic disease is increasing at an alarming rate.

In 2002 I completed a Post Graduate Diploma Clinical Nutrition via the International Academy of Nutrition in Australia. I then went on to complete the Primary Modules in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine from ACNEM in 2006 and again in 2017. 2018 I completed the Manuka Translational Nutrigenomic course to have a better understanding of the impact that our environment and lifestyle has on our genetic expression.

Over the years I have provided information, skills and support to help people with their health in the environment of community pharmacy, and with many requests to provide consultations I have create a more formal environment to help people live a healthier life.

We know people are living longer, but too often it is not in a healthy way, with chronic illnesses plaguing people's life with suffering. Many of these are preventable with lifestyle modifications and now with the increasing knowledge and growing evidence in epigenetics we can personalise our lifestyle, nutrition and supplements according to our personalised genetic profile.

For those interested I can provide you with your genetic profile using Ingeneous. Gene profiling offers the ability to address individual healthcare needs and personalised treatment plans based on scientific processes.

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Daphne Earles

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